FarScape and Chiana

Eventualities unforseen turn Astronaut John Crichton's experimental skim of the Earth's gravity into a vault through a wormhole to a distant region of space and into danger. Finding his only home aboard a living ship - Moya - with its fugitive lot of assorted aliens, John Crichton lives an alien and dangerous life in the hopes of someday retuning home. In the 15th episode a fugitive Nebari with a harrowing past - our Gigi Edgley in guise as Chiana - also finds an uneasy home aboard Moya. And we've got the scoop and pictures to prove it!

To stun your senses and feed the cravings of the resulting hunger for the unique visual experience that is Chiana, bask in monochromatic yet limitless beauty both in and out of her adventures in the Chiana image galleries.

To snurch (steal) a peek at Chiana's character, see our "bio".

Share the enthusiasm with fan fiction, art and graphics at the fan corner.

For more Chi, explore ExquisiteIrony's Pages Chiana Website.

For more on the wondrous world of The Jim Henson Company series FarScape, see our link listing & happy 'scaping!

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