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Who is Gigi?

Gigi Edgley is a multi-talented performing artist extraordinaire, most known for the role of Chiana in FarScape. A handy bio and career information is available here.

What is here?

You'll find the most comprehensive coverage of everything Gigi has been and is involved in, right here at Gigi Enthusiasts. This site was founded for the purposes of sharing appreciation of Gigi Edgley, supporting her career, and hopefully spreading enthusiasm for Gigi and her work. This is a site for all Gigi Enthusiasts too: we welcome everyone to share any information, pictures, fan art, fan fic or anything Gigi and/or FarScape, to post with us at our site, or just meet us and others! So come and join in, have a look around, share the Gigi Edgley Enthusiasm!

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