Chiana, Nebari

In older childhood, Chiana and her brother Nerri fled the home world of their Nebari people for freedom from the totalitarian conformist society. A humanoid species, Nebari features include: gray skin which does not sunburn; immunity to radiation; blue blood; obsidian black eyes apparently without iris but having instead a very large non-dilating pupil of sorts; and white hair for females and black hair for males. Technologically advanced, with weapons of superior power, they also have the ability and inclination to alter the minds ("mind cleanse") of "deviants," all those not conforming to their social order.

The Nebari Establishment secretly infect those leaving their home system with a contagion, which is then spread by carnal contact to other neighboring peoples. At some chosen time, the Nebari seemingly intend to activate this virus, rendering large amounts of the populations vulnerable to invasion. In their extremist zeal and deteriorating compassion, the Establishment believes that under their control, they can 'purge' other sectors of their 'violent behaviors.' Nerri was cured by an important official, and in turn, Nerri cured Chiana. Nerri, fearing for Chiana's freedom, insisted they separate.

To survive with Nerri, and later without, Chiana has had to scam, steal, prostitute and in short survive by any means in the hell holes of The Uncharted Territories. She adopted a thrill seeking sense of adventure, edgy sense of humor and a self-preserving instinct to thrive in whatever life may bring and preserve her individuality and a sensitive good heart. Despite a life better suited for hardened survivors, and evidently having received little enough love or compassion from others, her heart can still overpower her "better judgment." For above all, she is her own individual and ultimately remains open hearted to herself and life. Her thrill-seeking sense of adventure and rich sensuality stem from genuine desires and a lust for life which had made her so ill-suited for the repressive, sanctimonious and conformist Nebari society.

Chiana latched onto Moya as her new home and forged tenuous relations to the other passengers. While on Moya, Chiana learned Nerri was leading an underground Resistance against the frightening plans of the Nebari Establishment, and desperately wanted to join her beloved brother and his fight despite his forbidding her. Chiana and shipmate D'Argo became lovers for a time. He wanted to impose a life upon her and was not evidently a good listener nor overly concerned with her own will; eventually she betrayed him with another man, but after over a year passed, their relationship resumed.

Also while on Moya, Chiana had begun to experience prescience, visions of future events; these visions, not evidently a known trait of the species, mysteriously changed to a slow motion vision which left her temporarily blinded and in intense pain. She had no knowledge of any of these abilities and was alarmed as the periods of blindness seemed to be increasing in length.

At one point Chiana attempted to leave Moya, only to find she had a bounty for her capture due to her friendship with the unwitting fugitive human, John Crichton. However, she has a deep attachment to John Crichton, and would likely not be interested in leaving much, were he not as completely distracted by other matters.

For now, she continues aboard Moya, one sorely tried Nebari.

Author's notes: Omissions in this bio are not solely for the sake of brevity. Most of what may be confidently included was established during or prior to episode 40. What may be included from the rest of the series is severely limited by the approach taken toward the character in its utilization in FarScape after that point. It is difficult to integrate what are usually peripherally treated situations beyond spare and selective mention. Another limitation may be the cancellation of FarScape before the planned 5th season could be made (the qualification of "may be" is noted since most if not all of Chiana's limited part in the subsequent installment in FarScape, PeaceKeeper "I got new eyes" Wars may, regrettably, best be discretely overlooked). One is left to hope that the story of this unique, wondrous and individualistic character will be more positively furthered in future.

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