Theatrical Credits

Gigi has performed in many live theatre works from co-starring in intense drama in a two-player production 'Kill Everything You Love' to "esoteric" movement theatre to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet to musical drama in 'Les Miserables' to 'The Princess and the Pea' - a range indeed :) These are all the credits we could readily find; unfortunately we have no further specifics unless noted.

Kill Everything you Love - as 'Emma' - (for QPAT Brisbane)

The Rover - as 'Hellena' - (for QUT)


The Land of the Real Girls

Les Miserables - (for Gold Coast Theatre)


Boys Life - as 'Maggie and Carla' - (for QUT)

Romeo and Juliet - (for Benvolio Boston Shakespearian)

The Caged Birds - as 'The Wild One' - (for 202 Studio Works)

Blue People - as 'French Maid' - (for Prommenade)

Princess and the Pea - as 'Princess' - (for Brisbane Arts Theatre)

Picnic at Hanging Rock - as 'Sara' - (for Twelth Night Theatre)

4:48 Psychosis - lead - (for Stables Theatre)

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