written c.11/2000 - To latest entry

Hi Guys,

The 'my diary' page has been set up to let you know what is the latelest up to date news, about what is happening in my career. I know there is a lot of articles out there telling you all about me, but this will be in my own words - directly to you. Thanks for your support, and I may catch you on the message board.

Love Gigi xxx

A typical day in the uncharted territories...

Wake up around 3 in the morning and try to pull myself out of a snuggly bed with puppy still snoring... keeping the bed warm for my return.

Usually walk into the lounge room and say good morning to my roommates who are usually composing music, or playing video games...they say good night to me as the buzzer rings and I catch my lift out to Homebush Studios.

Pretty much chat non-stop till we get there. Briefly pausing to make a wish on the last twinkling star hang'n in the sky. Smiling at the moon, thanking the universe for all the wonder full blessings in life.

Ge dropped off at my trailer and I jump out in the chilly morn to put the top half of my costume on so the make up artist has the right lines to follow. Get driven to the make up department.

Make up takes roughly around three and a half-hours and I usually chat my way through that as well. You can't sleep in the chair because of the make up.

Actors trickle in from here and there depending on call times. We usually have about a fifteen-minute breaky break though quite often it is taken up with finishing off make up if there is trouble with an air gun or rigging up the costume. We all head off to set for line run and block through. Numerous 'good mornings' and other such greetings are thrown around. After we have decided on the rough flow of the scene the actors leave set to put the final touches on and the crew set up for the first shot.

It is pretty constant when we return to set for shooting. We shoot some aliens, work up a few tears, share some giggles and break for lunch.

The lunchroom can prove to be very entertaining at times. There is a myriad of bizarre aliens and life forms cueing up for a bite to eat. A lot of the aliens can't remove their heads over lunch so there are tentacles and tendrils falling into the bolognaise left, right and center. My make up is a little high maintenance so I've got to be real ladylike whilst dining hehehee. Any fluids I have through a straw and solids...well I try to make as little mess as possible.

We return to set to shoot pretty much till night. Different days have different stress levels. We usually shoot about 3 to 6 minutes footage each day. The days for me usually are around 16 hours long, five days a week.

If we're working on an emotional, physical or intimate scene it usually takes longer than an average scene. This is because of make up checks. It is really difficult to maintain Chiana's make up when she has physical contact with people or breaks into tears. Sometimes it can take up to half an hour or more to revamp. Kissing scenes are always fun.hehehehe...and Chi seems to have a few of em. This is why she tends to lick a lot more than kiss...to protect make up and also to remain true to her alien instincts...hehehee...It's really upsetting if you have to scrap a take because skin is coming through the make up or if you end up with someone else's make up all over you...though it quite often happens. You really have to focus in these scenes because sometimes you only get one or two takes due to the maintenance of the look.

When we are wrapped from the day I usually skip and giggle lots...hehehehe...and head off to the make up department to de-rig. That usually takes about 45mins then I head off to my trailer for a quick shower, before jumping in the car to head home...We usually get home somewhere between 6 and 9...Sometimes it takes an hour or so to get home depending on traffic.

Commence in trying to do as many things possible in the span of about 7 hours...learn lines for next day, learn amendments, grocery shopping if needed, call family if possible, let skin heal before next day, let feet repair before 3am, write some poetry...if any energy, kiss the boy, feed the pup and puttytat.... Watch Farscape episodes if possible...and try to fit in a giggle.

Drift into sleepy dreams hopefully filled with angels and faeries.

Wake up at 3am...ish...and try to figure out whether I am dreaming or awake because I have been blessed with a beauty full life.or is that a beauty full dream...:)

Up and Coming Goodies

Over the hiatus between series 2 and series 3 I traveled to the states to promote the show. I initially went to Pasadena for a brief press meeting. I returned to Australia for about four days and headed back over to the states for the Comic Con in San Diego. I then moved on to Santa Monica and awaited the arrival of the rest of the cast and the first Farscape convention in history.

This made it a little tricky to fit much other work in on return. I recently just completed a shoot for Black and White magazine. It's an artistic magazine that is well respected in Australia. The article should be released in the February issue. I then went on to work for Lost World in the remaining time. It is shot on the Gold Coast. I will let you know when I get a rough date of when it is to be aired in the states. I did try to fit in a brief trip to New York for the Halloween Parade, however dates clashed with Lost World. Hopefully I'll be able to get over there sometime next year.

The rest of the time through the break was spent catching up on rest, playing and jamming. DJ Shannon Jessop, MC N8 and I are toying around with the idea of releasing a few tunes sometime next year I'll have to keep you posted on that one as well. I've been trying to keep all my opportunities open so I become a stronger performer in more ways then one.

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