written c.11/2000

Throughout my life I have grown up around the show biz arena. I've always felt most at home in the theatre. Whether it be peering from the wings at an immaculate ballerina, dozing in the auditorium whilst the actors attempted there twentieth dress rehearsal for the day, or teaching Marcel Marceau a few moves at the age of three.

Throughout my school years I endeavored to get in any production possible whether it were in or out of school. I learnt ballet; jazz and character dance for about seven years until I realized that I was better to woo the audience with my words, not my feet.

My first professional theatre debut was at the Twelfth Night Theatre in Brisbane. Playing the role of Sara, in Picnic at Hanging Rock. In my last year of high school I was awarded drama captain. On graduating school I went for all the necessary auditions for the renowned drama schools in each state. I committed myself to a three-year course at Queensland University of Technology.

In my last year at the university I went for an audition for Day of the Roses, an Australian mini series. I was awarded the role of Erica Watson. Later in the year I auditioned for a two-person play with QPAT, Kill Everything You Love. It was an extremely intense drama of two school friends dealing with the suicide of one of the class mates. The play was extremely successful in a dramatic and educational context. I returned to the QUT course to showcase with my graduating year in Brisbane and Sydney.

I moved to Sydney and continued to participate in any class that would assist my craft. These included voice, accent and dialect and voice and movement classes at the Actors Center. I then performed a guest role on Water Rats. Shortly after I became the new addition to Farscape. During the first hiatus of Farscape I played a guest role on Beastmaster. Later I performed in an Australian feature film, The Monkeys Mask. Due to schedules clashing I was pulled from the film to continue work with Farscape. Farscape took me to the states to promote the show at the Comic Con in San Diego and the first Farscape convention in Burbank. Whilst in the states I participated in Seeing Ear theatre in the production Titanic Dreams.

On return to Australia I worked as a guest star on Lost World. At present I have returned to Farscape series three. Whilst shooting Farscape I endeavor to participate in other productions that will fit into the schedule and assist my experience within the entertainment industry.

Gigi Edgley

Height: 170cm
Weight: 50kg
Eyes : Blue/Grey

Film And Television

F.A.R.S.C.A.P.E Series Regular Henson Productions
Water Rats Guest Star Quicksilver Productions
Day of The Roses Starring Liberty and Beyond
The Monkeys Mask Starring
The Bastard Starring Independent Film
Him and Her Starring Independent Film
Beastmaster Guest Star Cooyte and Hayes
The Lost World Guest Star Cooyte and Hayes


Kill Everything you Love Emma QPAT Brisbane
The Rover Hellena QUT
Boys Life Maggie and Carla QUT
Romeo and Juliet Benvolio Boston Shakespearian
The Caged Birds The Wild One 202 Studio Worlks
Blue People French Maid Prommenade
Princess and the Pea Princess Brisbane Arts Theatre
Picnic at Hanging Rock Sara Twelth Night Theatre
Titanic Dreams Woman Seeing Ear Theatre


Radio plays, Voice overs, Sinding, Musical theatre, Thai Boxing, Stage Combat (armed and unarmed), Fire Twirling, Ballet, Contempary Dance, Jazz, Experimental movement, Street Theatre, Motorbike Riding, Rollerblading, horse riding.


Bachelor of Arts Queensland University of Technology
Accents and Dialects The Actors Centre
Voice The Actors Centre
Voice Irena Hayes, Melissa Agnew
Improvisation N.I.D.A
Musical Theatre N.I.D.A

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