Gigi Edgley

"Practical Faerie"

~ b. 11/16/77 ~ Perth, Australia ~ h: 5'6' ~ w: 110lbs ~ eyes: blue/gray ~

In attempting to live a life devoted to creating reality from imagination and spirit, Gigi Edgley brings a unique personal commitment to every project. A synthesis of her lifelong familiarity with and love for the theater and performing arts, the insights of being a child of practical promoter, Michael Edgley, and a spiritually attuned mother, a former Miss Australia (involved in running a 250-acre health retreat), Gigi has applied herself with all her industry, courage and spirit to her personal and professional artistic experiences.

While in school, Gigi undertook both performing in and outside of school theater in addition to several years of ballet, jazz and character dance. Dramatic portrayal ultimately became her principal focus; at the Twelfth Night Theater in Brisbane, Gigi had her first professional theatrical engagement. She credits her mother for an upbringing that allowed for a feeling of the alternative and fantasy, which she feels has also profoundly enriched her ability to commit into creating widely diverse and dynamic characterizations above and beyond straight skills taught in her discipline of method acting.

A three year course at Queensland University of Technology followed a series of auditions for the renowned drama schools of each state. She was cast in a televised mini-series during her years at the university and performed on stage for QPAT in an intense 2-person drama and showcased with the university her final year in Brisbane and Sydney.

Moving to Sydney, she continued with numerous studies in voice and other aspects of her craft, guest starred on a popular TV series and performed in theater. The series 'FarScape' (as Chiana, a featured regular of the principal cast under very elaborate makeup) has brought her talents to an international television audience, requiring deft dramatic skill, unique improvisation in movement work, voice and dialect talents as well as intense commitment in performance and professional demands.

While working in FarScape, Gigi lived in Sydney. In addition to remaining a regular in the series, Gigi was keeping a busy and varied itinerary. During the season hiatuses Gigi has appeared in other guest starring roles on TV, including the popular internationally aired series 'The Lost World' and 'BeastMaster' (returning for a second guest starring role), undertaken some independent film work, been cast in a feature film (pulled due to production and schedule reasons), read a starring role in an audio drama for Seeing Ear Theater. Both during hiatuses and breaks in shooting FarScape, Gigi has traveled to Italy and appeared in several conventions in Australia, the United States and United Kingdom.

With FarScape finished for the time being, Gigi has found many opportunities, including a role in the Australian drama telefilm 'BlackJack' with Colin Friels and recently joined the cast of the acclaimed and popular drama series 'The Secret Life Of Us' through its third season. Gigi lived in Melbourne while working on the series, and has since moved back to living in Sydney, between personal appearances in England and America.

Gigi worked on songwriting and singing, making a CD single with musician n8 before returning to personal appearances in the United States; upon returning to Sydney, she's found herself busy reprising her roles in telefilm sequels to 'BlackJack', as the distinctive Chiana in a major miniseries continuation of FarScape, starred in the HooDoo Guru's music video 'When You Get To California', joined the cast of the popular, long-running Australian series 'Stingers' for several episodes, and has returned to dramatic theatre, featuring in the intense play '4:48 Psychosis'.

Gigi enjoys singing in a variety of different musical styles, plays bongos, paints, writes poetry, experiments with some script writing and studies and practices Reiki (associated with "hands on healing") on occasion, among other interests.

So among the many skills Gigi has acquired, she can list film/TV, dramatic and musical theatre/audio plays and voice overs as an actress, in addition her many theatrically useful skills include singing, Thai boxing, stage combat (armed and unarmed), fire twirling, ballet, contemporary dance, Jazz dance, experimental movement, street theater, rollerblading, and riding motorbikes and horses!

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Biography respectfully derived largely from Gigi Edgley's own biography page. So we share responsibility for some goofs if there are any... the spelling is all my fault. Written by ExquisiteIrony.

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