Lycos chat with Gigi Edgley, 5/3/01

Mod: Lets welcome Gigi Edgley to this Live Event. What's up this evening, Gigi?

Gigi_Edgley: Hi guys thank you so much for coming and I have the coffee brewing and lots of late night snacks to keep us giggling and chatting!

cyradis69: here's my question...hi gigi! chiana is a chancetaking kind of girl. any chance we'll see a triangle between d'argo, chiana, and jool? :)

Gigi_Edgley: LOL What are you guys is there a writer in the room?? Hopefully D'Argo will be included in the triangle *giggle giggle*

TrueBlueZhaanFan: DId it take a lot of practice to get your FS accent down pat?

Gigi_Edgley: Is it down pat yet??

Makalia: Most definately Gigi

Gigi_Edgley: I kept trying a conciense effort to keep Chiana's accent mid atlantic/alien. It was funny when I went in to do the audition and I asked them what accent to use and it seemed all american producers have met only american aliens and australian producers have met only australian aliens. So throughout series 1 she swung from polar opposites. And now she tends to be more mid atlantic. With Nebari characteristics creeping in here and there.

Lanikfs: Gigi, you do a great job of working the chemistry with Ben and Anthony. What aspects of Chiana's character come from you?

Gigi_Edgley: She is a lot braver then I am. And after 3 hours makeup the courage builds inside to go and play on the set with masters of the art from all departments. There is a fantastic chemistry on set that is really quite edible between the cast and the crew which helps create a really comfortable workplace. To let the instincts come out and play

Grackene: HI Gigi I am a really big fan of yours. Do you have any other projects going besides Farscape we might see you in?

Gigi_Edgley: At the moment I am truly Farscaped. But there are a few up and coming projects its tricky becuase in the hiatus I have to decide whether to come and play with you guys or go and work on new projects. You guys are too tempting! *giggle*

Panzer8888: Gigi, I have talked to Anthony many times & he is a really nice guy, is he really the jokster on the cast with Ben?

Gigi_Edgley: Yes!!! LOL You have to be ready and willing to surrender to the boys humour at every and all times! The other day I was preparing on set and the boys were having a giggle at me doing my alien moves I said shush guys I am trying to be professional. And they just laughed and said Oh Gigi you are just too young for that!

Akula18: Question for ya Gi - Do you see Chiana getting to be friends or enemies with Jool??

Gigi_Edgley: I think we are all intending to leave the relationship between Jool and Chiana as a bit of a wildcard. Tammy and I are trying to avoid the usual sort of female against female in an inclosed space in a a relationship. To our experiments we have come up with some interesting alternative choices some of them didn't make the cut!

xakilia: hi Gigi! does the make-up come off easily? wot time do u have to start in the morning and how late @ nite?

Gigi_Edgley: The make up is still on it stays on 24 hours its easier that way!! LOL No just kidding. The makeup has gone down from 5 hours to 2 1/2 hours with 2 makeup artists working on me each day. Then the shoot day roughly goes anywhere from 6 hours to 16 hours. And it takes about 45 minutes to wrap up. In series 1 and 2, I was picked up roughly around 4 am and got home about 8 pm each night. But now I get picked up around 5 am Yay!!! sleepin!!! LOL

LyingBastardSean: What is your favorite quote from Chiana so far?

Gigi_Edgley: That have or havent made the cut?? LOL Let me think on that one.... When Salis said "Have you ever been stung by Watruka plant? They too present an intriguing exterior"

pyrite_tackyfringe: what is it like working with puppets? pilot.....

Gigi_Edgley: Its amazing working with the puppets. Rarely do you think of them as puppets. In some of my scenes with Rygel, after the scene is finished I'll look straight at him and ask him how he thought the scene went and then I realize that I should be addressing the 3 puppeteers. Its phenomenal when you walk on set. And you see creatures with 3 heads and 2 noses. And lots of tentacles. All waiting to play! The lunchroom can be quite amusing at times too!

stonefree_alt: Gigi, I have to ask because everyone is wanting to, WHAT IS GOING ON WITH ZAHN??!!??

Gigi_Edgley: She's always in our hearts! Our minds, and our souls also. Wether she be before us or worlds away

KatzHouse1: Hi, Gigi! How many adlibs make it into the episodes?

Gigi_Edgley: How many writers lines make into the episode??? LOL Just teasing!! LOL We get to sit every morning and will start working on a scene and if the scene doesn't sit right in our bellies we will full around with it til it does. There have been lots of beautful moments created by the instincts of the cast that have made the cut. And maybe even the episode!

kelley102673: hey gigi.. i truly admire your abilities!! my question is this..are you really into aerobics/exercise in order to be able to move and flex your body that way?

Gigi_Edgley: Whats that??? LOL I am into chocolate swirlycake, and cappucinos in the mornings. I think the work on the set keeps me in shape thank goodness! Its a fantastic character to play to explore your flexibility in many arenas as an actor. :::As she munches into her chocolate swirlycake::: hehehe. Originally there was no direction with character movement or alient characteristics after I saw the time and energy that was being put into the look of Chiana, I figured she would be a fun character to explore experiment at movements and breathwork. After episode 15, Durka Returns, David kemper gave me a phonecall and said "I dont know what the hell you are going out there but we love it!" I figured I was heading into the right direction.

Travis41: Ms. Edgley do you see farscape going on for years like star trek did here in the us

Gigi_Edgley: It's hard to say one day you go to work and it could be all over within a blink of an eye. And the next day we are making history. to live in this dream for only a moment is enough for me! Although it would be absolutely awesome if I was allowed to play in the unchartered territories for the rest of my solar days.

[various scapers express their appreciation to Gigi]

Gigi_Edgley: I thank you so much guys for coming and playing! Hope I didn't keep you up to late! If you want to come hang out in my site you are very welcome! I will keep you updated on projects that are coming up. Hopefully some funky beats! I have been working on. Thank to the twinkly stars and the heavens hiding out in tier six waiting for you to come and play. Love Chi, or is it G??? LOL

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