Chat with Gigi Edgley, 09/11/02

note on reading transcript: lines beginning with "fweakin" are from Gigi

----------------fweakin has entered the room

SueDonym: Ditto nykki
Evrafter: SHE'S
Sermon: *gasp* the grey goddess!!
Evrafter: no lie
zach: Hey Gi
StarShiney: fweakin!!!!!
nykki: Geist says you must be patient.
flyboy: *THUD*
fweakin: woooohooooo...
Edgleyfan: hi ms. Edgley
daktaklakLejes: FWEAKIN
DeltaBlaster: Hiya Gigi
Todge: Hi Gigi. How you doin'.....
punkRockgrrl: Gi, I love you!
jrloflin: Welcome Gi
Evrafter: HOwdy GIGI
SunSpecOps: hiya Gigi!
eupho: chilz:)
Dolphintmr: hey gi :) :)
fweakin: sorry guys one day i'll learn how to wrangle this pooter
nykki: Where is she?
fweakin: :)
StarShiney: Hi Gigi!
eupho: make man happy:)
zach: Chaos erupts, of course...
fweakin: how is all
Evrafter: ROCK ON
PipaShell: hi Gigi!!
SueDonym: Hello Gigi (((((Gigi)))))))
NipokNek: Hi Gigi!
Evrafter: let her speak
daktaklakLejes: The turtles are old and moldy, where is the eggabread?
Lacey: hola
brak: yo!!!!!
punkRockgrrl swquals with joy
Evrafter: let her speak
trustywinona: hey fweakin
zach: quiet down.
Edgleyfan: Good how abou tyou??
ImaginaryHarvey: hey gigi
FALDAIN: hi gi
fweakin: morning all how is all in your world
Todge: Hugs Gigi
Silviacat: hi gigi
Amezri: Gigi!
fweakin: thanks for coming to play in da land of gi
fweakin: :)
geist: hi gigig
SaintIdesHeaven: Pip HI!
Todge: Late Tired
Farscape4ever: It's me.
DocE: HI GIgggggIi
Evrafter: you bet gi
OzW: Gigi will you marry me? ;o)
geist: er gigi
tobias: testing
SueDonym: What can you tell us currently about the status of FarScape
eupho: leher speak we need to stop the roit
ParuNexus: hmm
ChifiEagle: you are welcome
Evrafter: your sandbox loves you!
TRtheJ: If it's you, our beloved Gigi.... Hello.
trustywinona: gi is superstylin'
PumpJet: Hi Gigi!!!
fweakin: yes i will marry you ...if you will employ me
fweakin: :)
Evrafter: can we slow down
ChifiEagle: OK the name of your movie
Dolphintmr: awwww
zach: haha
pixdude: What up Gi! Just want to say thanks to you and the others
for the quality work and that if Moya is headed for permanant drydock
to wish you the best of luck in the future.
PumpJet: Ok
flyboy: lol
DelinCrichton: Can this be moderated?
StarShiney: lol
Evrafter: go go
daktaklakLejes: I do wanna say: I HAVE EEL's IN MY HOVERCRAFT! Hiya Gigi =)
DeltaBlaster: LOL.... no.. DOH! :)
Todge: You got a job Gi
trustywinona: dont worry gi...we will save the show
eupho: shez gotta luv the lovin
Evrafter: Go GIGI
Stuart: Mornin' Will you go back to the stage, and, if so, will you
hit Broadway and the West End. Whens your next trip to the UK?
Evrafter: speak oh mighty one
geist: I'm confuzzed... before fweakin was sombody else... ouchie!
fweakin: moya and the gang all send their love
flyboy: Gigi what movie did you auidtion for???
tobias: funny, you can't see the null.idle in the shockwave version,
only in mirc
hero: i miised anything
fweakin: I is missing them madly allready
punkRockgrrl: we send out love right back, Gigi
Wiley: oh good gigi's on
Edgleyfan: :(
Jenni: We're still workin hard.
Sermon: fweakin: What and when was your last scene?
Dolphintmr: we love ya guys too!
Jenni: dont give up just yet
fweakin: I audition for an australian telemovie with collin friels
SueDonym: We love them all. We're tyring . We love you specially.
ChifiEagle: we accept and return it
Debaser: What is Gigi's handle?
PumpJet: Hi Gigi!! Miss you already!! Please fill us in about the MOVIE
FALDAIN: she's probably rubbing her eyes
DelinCrichton: Gigi: We keep seeing the Dec 7th Chicago date on your
site - is this convention still happening?
fweakin: i am playing his daughter
TRtheJ: Where?
SueDonym: Good luck!
Evrafter: had MANY messages of love for you
ChifiEagle: GREAT
daktaklakLejes: cool!!
DeltaBlaster: ... good for you!
Todge: When they recomition it will you go back?
Nebari: *THUD*
fweakin: it's only a small part but a juicy one
Bloodomen13: OK... logged in on mIRC and shockwave... hey!!! No Nullidle!
Stuart: Not that we're givin up on Farscape!
Edgleyfan: Any chance of it reaching NY??
fweakin: she has spinabifida
Lacey: remmeber everyone, take it slow, we don't wanna cause chaos
punkRockgrrl: wheeee, congrats Gigi!
ChifiEagle: going to DVD
SueDonym: You know how to make those small parts HUGE.
fweakin: sorry about the spelling guys I am trying to keep up with you
pixdude: Please tell me I'll be able to see you in the states!!!
geist: Cool, a challanging roll.
Todge: What's the film called?
daktaklakLejes: Wow, that will be an interesting part
Bloodomen13: Congrats on the movie audition!
Evrafter: we'll slow down
Jule27: hey tropica
kusari: slow it down all
fweakin: I went for another audition yesterday for a mermaid
SueDonym: Are you researching?
FALDAIN: slow down ppl
fweakin: teeheee
fweakin: how cool would that be
fweakin: :)
hero: can ppl slow down
Wiley: to late
SaintIdesHeaven: Which one of you is GIGI?
geist: btw are you coming to Chicago?
punkRockgrrl: Iyou are PERFECT for a mermaid Gig
Elessar: is she here?
PipaShell: Gigi, don't worry, you're going to be grey again soon! ;-)
Jenni: Now that'd be cool to see!
Sermon: :-)
flyboy: any part you lpay is juicy
trustywinona: ms Edgley...are you still planning to attend to cons in november?
PumpJet: hey Gi- I still have those Chi-Shirts!! REMEMBER them??
ChifiEagle: are the Creation cons still on ? you coming back to NY
Debaser: Gigi, if you are ever in Atlanta, you're welcome to stay at
our house. ;o)
tropica: heyy
fweakin: the australian film is called Blackjack
Cattivo: yeah, what's the info on the Chicago con in Dec.?
Amezri: Can everyone count to say.. 30 before they post again?
tazey: a mermaid with tourette syndrome?
FALDAIN: gi pick a name and let them ask a question
DelinCrichton: Gigi: Are you going to Chicago in December?
Farscape4ever: this is madness.
Edgleyfan: Ms. Edgley will it reach the us on dvd?
Todge: have to look out for that one
TRtheJ: Stop fer'a microt.
fweakin: yes remember the shirts can't wait to see the new range
fweakin: teeheee
Evrafter: Gigi...have you see lately?
Debaser: Faldain, good idea.. Gigi, please pick a few people at random...
fweakin: waiting to hear about chicago...looks all good
PumpJet: Got them here- It's me Bob
Farscape4ever: someone gain control...
fweakin: if any one has any clues as to wots going on let me know
fweakin: :)
johnw: gigi gigi gigi gigi
talyn3: llet her talk guys
punkRockgrrl raises her hand
tobias gains control
fweakin: hey bob
fweakin: :)
daktaklakLejes never has a clue
Todge: John's arrived
hero: :-)
Cristina: hi gigi!!!!!!!!
TRtheJ: Um, is fweakin she?
daktaklakLejes even now, I don't know what I am talking about
PumpJet: Should I send them or give at the Burbank con?
Evrafter: yes
Evrafter: tr
jrloflin: yes TR
fweakin: it was very wierd auditioning in an australian accent
Sermon: Gigi, if Farscape would be picked up again, would you be available?
daktaklakLejes wonders whats going on
Debaser: Gigi, try picking various users for questions...
daktaklakLejes: LOL!
fweakin: yes absolutley
Edgleyfan: Ms. Edgley whats if feel like to come to a chat room were
everyone just wants to speak to you?
Silviacat: gigi rocks!!
FALDAIN: hey gigi have you been to your site lately?
fweakin: I is not finished playing with chi yet
fweakin: :(
punkRockgrrl keeps her hand riased
SueDonym: Thanks for that Gigi.
Edgleyfan: :(
Cristina: gigiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii we love you!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tiers: we love you gigi
fweakin: it all came as a bit of a suprise...shock
DeltaBlaster: good gigi
Debaser: Sorry Gigi.
PipaShell: Gigi, tell Claudia we miss her
PumpJet: send or present in person?
.asks everyone to stop chatting and saying NullIdle.
.leaves room, but stays on server.
Dolphintmr: sorry gigi
Todge: Chi will be back. We'll see to that
trustywinona: gigi...who says the show is over?
Edgleyfan: Sorry Ms. Edgley
fweakin: I was shooting a nude scene so I was painted all upo and I
couldn't leave hug anyone
geist: Jim Hensen studios suggested a film is in the works?
fweakin: it was very weird
punkRockgrrl: NUDE?!?!
TRtheJ: Does Chiana have a button?
punkRockgrrl: wooo!
HN: haha
Bloodomen13: ?????????
pixdude: Any word on a Frascape movie?
DeltaBlaster: .....?
punkRockgrrl: GO GIG!
OzW: nude scene?!
Sermon: Gigi, we're fighting a huge fight for the show to continue! I
really love Farscape and YOU were the reason why I got hooked to it
OzW: :o D
SueDonym: ;p;
tobias: gigi, you have any idea if we have done anything yet?
fweakin: well..sort of nude
hero: nude :P
jrloflin: sigh
SueDonym: That was lol
punkRockgrrl: LOL
hero: lol
tobias: in saving farscpae that is
fweakin: a belly button?
DeltaBlaster: .. sigh.. :-)
Lacey: lol
punkRockgrrl: I love you, man
fweakin: or a bottom?
johnw: Hey up Gigi,family ok?
Dolphintmr: we're doing all we can to keep you grey!
fweakin: more
punkRockgrrl: hehehehehe
Evrafter: button
zach: ...
Debaser: The question everyone has: Any new developments on Farscape?
fweakin: it's very wierd to look in the mirror and see gigi
Elessar: is she here?
PumpJet: Gi- hows the rest of the cast doing??
Edgleyfan: Everyone slow down
tobias: debaser, exactly :)
ChifiEagle: I love Chi
TRtheJ: Yess, a belly button.
Evrafter: yes EL
Maritas: yes please
mathew: 1FOR NEW PEOLE: fweakin is gigi; please post SLOWLY this is
tobias slows down
fweakin: but it's okay at the wrap party I asked al most every one if
they woule empl;oy me
Elessar: where?
fweakin: and I got some real positive responses
fweakin: :)
DelinCrichton: mathew: Can you moderate - this is chaotic
hero: :)
Amezri: Who wouldn't employ you? ;)
tropica: cool I didn't miss you
SueDonym: Where did you want your character to go in the fifth
season? What hopes did you have for her.
johnw: I need a nanny in about two weeks? Interested?
fweakin: kemper
trustywinona: who wouldnt want to employ u
Jenni: LOL! liek a valley?
fweakin: just kidding
PumpJet: how about in the US Gigi any offers from here?
Stuart: Whats your favourite part other than Pip?
Elessar: whats her chat name?
pixdude: I need a photo assistant!!!
daktaklakLejes: I have a sprinkler system to put in for a neighbor,
how's $100/hr sound? hee hee
jrloflin: I have a question before you go, but I won't ask until you
say it's okay, Gi
bigdaddy: Gi - Glad to hear it. Besides the shock of losing
Farscape, you now have to rush for a job to pay the bills. Talk
about a bad week.
brak: did the public outcry sway scifi at all?
Dolphintmr: you can translate my Caesar for me ;)
fweakin: lots of auditions
eupho: Gi B honest, u gotta luv the lovin....Scaperz r a very tightly
knitted group and u know u r forever in the spot for us...u gotta b
havin a blast with all this hype
Mariust: Gigi are you still coming to Burbank?
TRtheJ: I'm gettin' lost here.
Debaser: Will you voice the animated character if it happens? It
would be odd hearing another voice for Chiana.
mathew: (sorry - moderation isn't part of this room)
Bloodomen13: Too many people at once...
Nebari: fweaking EL
zach: Oh crap... I accidentally got myself banned from scifi's server...
fweakin: I voiced the video game
fweakin: that was fun
geist: Could you tell DK to keep writing, we're all gunning for him?
Farscape4ever: gigi...can you pick a user to ask a question?
Elessar: Ev whats her chat name?
ChifiEagle: slow down
Evrafter: cool
hero: :_) cool
Edgleyfan: The video game was cool
Jenni: this is rather tame, especially if youve been in #farscape recently
SueDonym: /msg am I going too fast?
Debaser: Zack: Banned? How?
trustywinona: the game was great because it was mostly chi
tobias: fweakin/gigi, any progress on farscape s5???
TRtheJ: Then let's slow down. hm.
Flyboy: Gigi do you need someone to show you around Chicago ;-)
SueDonym: sorry.
Amezri: Your VAs for the game were great :)
Sermon: Gigi, would you consider goint to the United States for a
Hollywood movie career?
fweakin: thats matts and jasons job
zach: I forgot I had the supposed irc fix for this channel still on,
so when I went to #farscape, auto ban or something
fweakin: I can't keep up with you guys
GhostNULL: Gigi: can you moderate this perhaps?
FALDAIN: mat pic someone to ask a question
Edgleyfan: Sorry
Mariust: Gigi, are you still planning on coming to Burbank, CA in November?
fweakin: yeah
fweakin: teeheee
Evrafter: choose somoen form the list
johnw: too fast dudes
hero: i cant keep up with me
eupho: too much luv @ once:)
geist: That is to say tell DK to keep writing the scripts... keep
hope up at 110 percent!
hero: lol
TRtheJ: Slow down, please, folks.
talyn3: slow down please
fweakin: yes definitly coming to the states
Mariust: YAY!
fweakin: I will be in bosoton for the united fan con
johnw: england too?
RisqMan: God this is going so fast I need more caffeine!
fweakin: then going to the boston sfx
Jenni: lol risque
punkRockgrrl: Wheeee! I'm in Boston! I'll try to come see you Gig
jinshonfett: hey gigi is there any chance farscape will be picked up
for another season on other networks
hero: every 1 stop n gigi can pick ppl 2 ask questions
Flyboy: cool see ya in boston and chicago :)
fweakin: then I think to burbank and then maybe to new york
Shdwdrgn passes out the Mountain Dew and Jolt for everyone...
fweakin: and then chicago
TRtheJ: How about coming to Alabama.
Todge: What about the UK?
johnw: Need a date for PK-1, Seans been quiet of late.
Evrafter: SLat Lake?
eupho: there is gonna be a con in Boston?>: )))
fweakin: and hopefully london in march next year
SueDonym: Gigi, a lot of stuff that happened to you this season was
really upsetting. Is that dealt with before teh end of the season in
any way?
Lacey: people peoyeah p[erhaps we could take turns, we are all very
chaotic, and not the good chaos............... I'm from boston and I
am really looking forward to the con, Gigi you are my hero
Sezza: wow, sounds like you'll be busybusy, Gi!
trustywinona: maybe NY???thats gonna be the best one...ill be there
UTDRD: like this?
Cattivo: There's hardly any info out about the Chicago one
Debaser: Alabama, moved to Atlanta from Montgomery, AL.
fweakin: who's flying me to alabama
Mariust: Cool Beans. I want wait to see you!
fweakin: i is ready
Todge: March? Woohoo
Maritas: I can go to Boston from Pittsburgh
talyn3: slow!!!
luxandude: saw you in burbank last year gigi -you were the greatest!
johnw: march....magic...heathrow?
PumpJet: Pic Gigi!!
Edgleyfan: What do you do in the states when you are not going to conventions?
ChifiEagle: see you in NY
Debaser: I can't fly you, but I'll meet you at the airport.
fweakin: think so ...not sure...waiting to here
Evrafter: Wanna COME TO SALT LAKE CITY???????
FALDAIN: i could get the money lol
hero: ?
Amezri: I'll be at the NY one as well
Stuart: You could come to Scotland..?
Nebari: I fly you to Houston .....
fweakin: teeheee
Bloodomen13: Um, hows about Oregon? **hey, a guy can hope** :-)
FALDAIN: come to al
RisqMan: I was really hoping that Gigi would come to the CreepCon in Baltimore!
trustywinona: come to my college!
OzW: me too :o )
Dolphintmr: your always welcome to come to Virginia :)
johnw: dundee stuart?
geist: Yes, what is your favorite Farscape episode?
LoneFerret: lol chaos lol
Stuart: Do for me
SaintIdesHeaven: I'm in Alabama, I'll meet you here!!!
fweakin: gigi had to shoot your favorite show
Dolphintmr: my college would even pay ya to come prolly
TheOrange: Wisconsin? It's lovely in the spring...
fweakin: I was really upset about that...
Truemyth: Hey gigi, nice to hear from you. Concider coming over to #farscape.
Evrafter: SLOW
Cyane: Have they really put off tearing down the sets?
johnw: Chesterfield's cool
Debaser: Wow! A lot of Alabama scapers. where were you guys when I live there?
Jenni: you know, telling people to shut up, STILL ads to the scroll,
and it's RUDE.
agentdawn: hullo everyone
fweakin: but after I missed the plane back ffom heathrow...farscape
wernt very trusting
tropica: Wow i can't even get a word in
UTDRD: argh
fweakin: teeheee
friday: Gi! met you at the san diego comic-con. I made up those
Chiana INFECT stickers. Remember?! YOU ARE AWESOME CHICK!!!
fweakin: can't imagine why
punkRockgrrl: lol gig
Stuart: Blame us for Heathrow
hero: LOL
Sermon: Gigi, how did you find out that Farscape was cancelled and
what do you think of the fans reactions?
Flyboy: i'm just tryin to stop the insanity
johnw: jon quixote was good, like the costume..
LoneFerret: at least she's finding this funny lol
fweakin: I was peeling them off my make up room on friday...having a few tears
FALDAIN: oh gi's alittle sarcastic
agentdawn: hullo gigi, aussie fan here from perth, argh i'm so far
away from everywhere
ChifiEagle: how long you staying here to chat Gigi
jinshonfett: hey gigi do you know about the big announce today where
suppose to here what it is in 30 minutes
Elessar: 5/16/77
fweakin: my make up room was covered from wall to wall with pictures
of fans and people on set
fweakin: it took me hours to get it all down
punkRockgrrl: :(
fweakin: it was vcery surriel
Dolphintmr: awww gi thats so sad
Maritas: awwww
Lacey: aww, I could only imagine the heart ake
Edgleyfan: I feel sad I sorry ms. Edgley
Stuart: lots of great memories
Flyboy: hopefully you'll get to put it back up again
Jenni: i hope you get to put it all back up
Mariust: That's odd... our rooms are covered with pictures of you. How ironic
tobias: gigi, we fell sorry for you. :(
Debaser: Gigi, will you have the opportunity to hang the pictures back up?
fweakin: no? where if the announcement gonna be made??
SueDonym: It must have been sad. :-(
punkRockgrrl sends many hugs and lots of love to Gigi
Evrafter: #FARSCAPE
SunSpecOps: Gigi.. the only thing I will say during this chat, so
that everyone gets a chance, is that I am looking so forward to
seeing you in New York... if you're still coming... My roommate is
coming only for you.. my best bud in Jersey the same... everyone is
looking forward to it with bated breath... And we all want to thank
you for the beauty that is Chi.. and the fun that Farscape has been,
and will ALWAYS be. Love from Canada! :)
johnw: you'll always be in our hearts. there was only 1 chiana, and
that vwas you.
fweakin: i hope so
Cattivo: chatroom
PumpJet: Gigi- you can post you phone number you know!!!
agentdawn: :( have then ready to put up again, it's not over yet,
everyone out there is still fighting for the show :)
Cattivo: #farsca[e
fade: gi dont loose hope - hopefully farscape will be saved
fweakin: 666
trustywinona: should sign the farscape petition
fweakin: teeheee
geist: But they stored Moya & Pilot right? They didn't ... destroy anything?
Debaser: Nice try Pumpjet.
Todge: Any other projects?
UTDRD: Welcome to CHOAS, may I take your order?
Amezri: o_O
talyn3: don't type so much please!!!
Mariust: Farscape WILL be saved.
Lacey: lol
PumpJet: lol
Sermon: LOL
SaintIdesHeaven: How do you feel about the rest of season 4? Does it kick?
Jule27: Gigi, you are so talented...I want you to know that--and we
will not stop fighting for you.
trustywinona: or call scifi...that would be great
fweakin: wheres the petition i is up for signing it...chi too
Jenni: EVERYONE says i look like you. (I say theyre crazy. ) lol
ChifiEagle: choas 101
jinshonfett: in the farscape chat on the sci-fi web-page
fweakin: season four was amazing scarey...and quite challenging towards the end
PumpJet: ok- city code for Sydney and then 666-6666
Farscape4ever: :(
geist: Check you forum... lots of info there... LOTS.
Flyboy: we all love you
Mariust: Gigi, just go to
agentdawn: will go find the address for you gi
fweakin: yyou could feel the boat rocking shall we say...more thanb usual
TRtheJ: Um, okay.
eupho: Need a Mod! HardCore
PipaShell: Gigi, if there was a con in Spain, would you like to assist? ^_^
Luggage7a: _FARSCAPE/
Debaser: Feel the boat rocking?
fweakin: @#%$ oath
fweakin: ohhh
fweakin: scuzzi
punkRockgrrl: LOL
Flyboy: lol
Merlyn: Hi Gigi...we' all love you and we're doing our best to keep
Farcape alive
Amezri: lol
fweakin: yes that would be lush
Mariust: ! Didn't you mean frell?
fweakin: I would be there with bells on and not much else
punkRockgrrl: LOL!
Flyboy: cool
DelinCrichton: What did they do with Rygel?
trustywinona: gigi...go here for the save farscape stuff
Dolphintmr: hehehe
Elessar: Gigi want my email address?
agentdawn: guys try not to type in caps so much
fweakin: yup exactly what I meant
Lacey: lol
punkRockgrrl: I'd oay to see that :)
eupho: GrooBY!
tropica: Gigi your the best
Mariust: :)
luxandude: 4 what it's worth people are supposed to picket SCIFI in
NYC tomorrow
Flyboy: *thud*
Lacey: ahh the thuds have begun muhahahaha
Elessar: Gigi
fweakin: you'll laugh...I said frell in one of my auditions
Roc-A-Roo: Gigi, U still on for the NY convention?
fweakin: eeeek
hero: GIGI, HOW LONG U ON 4?
Flyboy: lol
Lacey: lol
Stuart: 'Scape is quality! Sci_Fi and minions don't know what they're doin'
punkRockgrrl: heeheee
Tiers: haha
Edgleyfan: I will skip school to picket
Jule27: LOL
Dolphintmr: awwww lol
Jenni: We say it all the time
jrloflin: I have a question about a possible project the next time
you go to the UK, Gigi
Amezri: lol
Maritas: lol
Trumpet: hahaha :)
Nebari: lol
Evrafter: LOL
Debaser: Did they recognize the frell term?
Sezza: lol
fweakin: hopefully I would love to...still working on the deal
OzW: hahahah
Mariust: LOL. Kemper told us he frelling hates getting a night's
sleep without farscape.
Truemyth: lol
PumpJet: I AM wearing 1 of those AWESOME CHI-SHIRTS too
agentdawn: frell is such a good word
tobias: please, stop with the caps, its rather annoying
friday: Gi, You're the BEST!! Keep following your dreams!! I know
I'll be seeing you in the movies soon!! Love you girl!!
johnw: sci fi us: thick as @#%$
fweakin: no they thought I was on another planet
Lacey: lol
daktaklakLejes: well there ya go
Flyboy: lol
Dolphintmr: hehe
Sermon: Gigi, when will shooting start for your new movie?
SueDonym: But you are.
Evrafter: yOU WERE
trustywinona: please go to the nycon ms edgley...thats y i got a ticket
Jule27: haha
FALDAIN: hard to tell what questons your answering
fweakin: who is fly boy??
jinshonfett: yes i got into the sci-fi farscape chat
Evrafter: JEFF
Nebari: bu but, you are ..
Evrafter: JEFF
Edgleyfan: jeff is flyboy
Lacey: he's my bets bud
Flyboy: fly boy is me LT Col Jeff Crichton
Evrafter: JEFF
fweakin: i that i is
geist: That's me bud Col Jeff
Amezri: Gigi: I have been sending healing energy to all of you during this time
agentdawn: lol
Shdwdrgn: Evrafter: WHAT???
talyn3: slow please, let her talk
Debaser: Hey, I'm Jeff...
Evrafter: NOTHING
SaintIdesHeaven: There is supposed to be an email picket tomorrow at
noon easter, as well
fweakin: I have been picking up on the yummis you guys are sending
Flyboy: Gigi asked who I am??? *THUD*
Bloodomen13: Jeff is Flyboy?
TRtheJ: Dum dum dee dummm...
fweakin: don'ty think I'm rude being distant Im just trying to figure
out what to do with my life
punkRockgrrl: jeff is indeed flyboy
Evrafter: GIG U JUST MADE JEFF'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Todge: crackers by chance?
PumpJet: I THUDDED a long time ago!!!
Debaser: No, Jeff is Debaser.
Stuart: Yummies...? You want sweets?
punkRockgrrl: lol
johnw: come to england
fweakin: I call me little bruva flyboy
ChifiEagle: stay visible to us
Wiley: lol
geist: I'm not going to hear the end of this.
fweakin: I thought he may have popped in
Flyboy: that is so cool
Mariust: Gigi, we'll stand by you. We love you.
LoneFerret: you're young no worries right?
jinshonfett: lol
Silverhammer: We're all Jeff, okay? Enough.
LadyKait: *wonders if theres even room to thud* ;)
pixdude: come to the states
johnw: what chocolate do want bringing in march?
Dolphintmr: lol
Maritas: what ever you do, I wish you the very best :)
SueDonym: It's hard to essentially be fired just when you were
expecting a vacation. SciFi was cruel. I send good thoughts to you.
Debaser: Okay, enough...
Elessar: 5/16/77
Cristina: gigi come to SPAIN some day!!!!
fweakin: I think I'll wait till I is offered a job in the states
agentdawn: gigi, the hardest thing to do is figuring out what to do
with life, i only just figured that part out and now i have to
actually get there ;) have three backup plans
TheOrange: Anthony Simcoe says you guys all need to keep busy on the
convention circuit. His idea!
Luggage7a: Hi from Holland, Can you persuade Claudia to do a Girls of
Farscape Chat in the coming weeks? I know she's frightened of chats,
looking at this chat I can't blame her, but it'd be so cool to have
You and Claud and Raelee together...
fweakin: alot of films are coming here
JFParallax: the chat wasnt letting me in until now lol
Elessar: Tennessee
ChifiEagle: happy early birthday
TRtheJ: Doo be doo be doooo...
fweakin: and I don't wannna spend all me pennis
Mariust: I've got a job as a support technician open in South Carolina :)
Flyboy: Gigi how old is your little brother?
JFParallax: hi all! i gigi!
johnw: neighbours?
daktaklakLejes: Gigi, We don't think you are rude at all. If I were
to walk into work one day thinking I had at least another year to
work on it almost 100% gauranteed, i'd be pretty deflated to at the
sudden impact of losing my beloved job.
JFParallax: *hi
fweakin: pennys
fweakin: lol
JFParallax: dang typos.....
Stuart: Do what makes YOU happy
pixdude: i can hook you up with my agent here
Wiley: lol
ChifiEagle: lol
talyn3: slow please
Lacey: the boston convention is rather close to your birthday, what
do you want for your birthday this year?
PumpJet: lol
riggs: lol
PipaShell: ROTFLOL
FALDAIN: looked like you spelled penis lol
tropica: Don't give up hope i havent
Dolphintmr: typo faries strike again
Sezza: lol
eupho: GiGi ..Boston anytime soon?
OzW: hahaha
Wiley: lol
sporto: are you concentratin' on acting in AUS as opposed to USA
Wiley: i was about to say that fal
Bloodomen13: Fal = Perv :-)
tobias: lacey, i would guess, season 5 and beyond
jinshonfett: hey pip do you have any fav american bands
Lacey: yeah lol
Bloodomen13: oh, wait... that's me!
Debaser: Ay new news on the series? I'm still stunned.
SaintIdesHeaven: wiI think you could probably live with your fans for
the rest of your life quite happily ;-)
Wiley: lol
LoneFerret: civil guys.. plz.. for the kids
fweakin: bosoton on the 7th and 8th i think
Edgleyfan: people let ms. Edgley speak
TRtheJ: Tuscaloosa's nice. You might even get to meet Big Al.
Silverhammer: Okay, I just got a whole screen of 'LOL's. It's not helping.
fweakin: springfield and then in massach.....
fweakin: for my birthday
Flyboy: Gigi how old is your lil bro?
Lacey: yeah
Debaser: Tuscaloosa and the Chucker!
fweakin: come share my brirfday with me there
Flyboy: yeah what Lacey said
punkRockgrrl: hehehe , massachusssessessessessttssss
luxandude: GIGI -when's your B-Day?
Chant99: Agh!AGH this thing is so slow!!!!!!
Mariust: YAY! Drinks are on me
fweakin: my little bruva is 15
JFParallax: you should use mIRC acause the mod barbarella can mod it
and make it so she can answer one question at a time
hero: I
fweakin: very spunky
SaintIdesHeaven: War eagle is nicer
daktaklakLejes: I
Wiley: I
eupho: thisis a farkin menace
Flyboy: I
Edgleyfan: Ok what do you want for you birthday
jinshonfett: pip any fav american bands IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII
JFParallax: i
Nastastu: I
talyn3: i
jrloflin: I
Jenni: Hero - dont be a dolt and make people scroll
agentdawn: right save money to fly to springfield from perth
Lacey: I'll be there, it'll make my day.
jinshonfett: i
Bloodomen13: Gigi, does the Burbank Con count? I know it's a week
after your B-day
aeronaut: can't wait until November in Burbank to see you all.
fweakin: to be happy
PumpJet: Ok- I go to Boaton!!
RisqMan: I
agentdawn: how long have i got to save?
FALDAIN: will you drop by your site one day?
PumpJet: Boston
Merlyn: Gigi, you'll be in Boston? I live not far from there
Evrafter: WHAT'S INFLUENCED YOU LIFE THE MOST????????????????
Shdwdrgn: Gigi... going to be coming through Colorado anytime soon?
Chicken: Boston your my home :)
geist: So Gigi . On the board we've been having a debate of sorts.
You would you rather star with? Bruce Campbell or Henry Rollins?
tobias: evcrafter, please stop that, its annoying
fweakin: last year my birfday went for a few weeks so I think it should count
fweakin: teeheee
Mariust: Did they let you keep any of the wigs, Gigi? i mean, you'll
need them soon again
Roc-A-Roo: U all think this is fast, go visit the #Farscape room on Sci-Fi :)
Chant99: I
Mariust: Season 5 and all that.
johnw: who else is comin' in march to blighty Gi?
Sermon: Gigi: You could spend your holidays here in Austria - I'll be
the tourguide! :-)
Bloodomen13: Nice! :-)
Lacey: man I have to go in a few, crap,....
Dolphintmr: waving my magic wond in gigi's direction so she can be happy :)
sporto: where do we send b-day gifts? ;)
fweakin: both ...nude
fweakin: teehee
talyn3: people order please calm down
Flyboy: c'mon Gigi say Bruce
Lacey: lol
Flyboy: OH MY GOD
PipaShell: hehehehe
RisqMan: HA!
PumpJet: grew up in Boston too know it well
geist: THUD
LaZee: im gonna bail..thisis madness...BEST WISHES TO YOU GIGI AND
fweakin: austria...lush
Lacey: lol
Flyboy: THUD
jinshonfett: lol
UTDRD: today's forecast CHAOS & a bucket of dren
fweakin: thanks for coming to play
fweakin: :)
Evrafter: OF COURSE
Sermon: Yep - I'm one Farscape fan from austria
Stuart: take care kid
fweakin: learning to use it as a positive
Flyboy: We luv you Gigi
Sermon: or better gigi fan
Nebari: thanks you Gi
fweakin: the most permanant thing in life is change
Todge: Any news on a Farscape film? And whatr about a spin off?
tobias: everyone love gigi :D
ChifiEagle: Gigi you gonna post more to your diary?
Edgleyfan: True
Wiley: your right about that
LoneFerret: true...
Dolphintmr: so true
TheOrange: You wear this chaos well. :)
johnw: Nebari uprising?
Wiley: lol
Debaser: Gigi, your chat speak is similar to your character's
dialogue. How similar are you to Chiana?
Edgleyfan: Love you Ms. Edgley good luck in the future
Flyboy: beautiful, talented, funny, and insightful
TheOrange: Sorry, couldn't help but quote Megatokyo
Jule27: Gigi, we are here for you...feel free to rant and rave if
that is what you need.
Mariust: I think they should have a Chiana talk show if all else
fails. It could be like Jerry Springer for aliens
LoneFerret: laughing her ass off right now i'm sure LOL
fweakin: a bit too similar its...scarey
jrloflin: Gigi, I have a question, when you get a moment :)
Movado: hehe cool
fweakin: no...chi is alot braver than me I think
Flyboy: Gigi has anyone explained *Thud* to you?
geist: Gigi I think you've made a very interesting kinship with my
wife just now.
Debaser: Did they let you run with the character?
johnw: Did chi live in a trailer on Nebari?
fweakin: nup
jinshonfett: lol lets here a little chiana
agentdawn: or we could get all the characters onto jerry springer and
bring in the scifi execs
TheOrange: That's all we have in this room... moments...
jinshonfett: hear
Lacey: I was wondering, before I go, would you like to know what thud is?
Shdwdrgn: I'd like to know how ANYBODY can play such a wacked-out
character You must have an amazing amount of energy!!!
Flyboy: i don't know you have to be pretty brave to walk into this chaos
fweakin: holy grott
Sermon: I'd say being an actor is VERY brave ....
RisqMan: Funny, Virginia says her Zhaan character is really close to
her real self too!
Maritas: I'd say
fweakin: yes if you'll have me
ChiGray: Man I got horrible lag, Gigi did i miss you mentioning the movie?
Amezri: People, slow down
Chant99: HI Gigi, Sorrry about the show
Farscape4ever: thanks for stopping by...even if I didn't gget to ask
a question
Wiley: yes we will have you
tobias: risqman, being 800 years young, murderer. hmmm.
ChifiEagle: I think the sandbox held up rather well riggs
Terracide: well you're a babe with or without makeup.
fweakin: i is doing a role in blackjack
SaintIdesHeaven: Has any of Chiana's personality crept into your real life?
Stuart: Nice shot in 'The Lost World'. What did they cover you with
in that plant?
Debaser: Farscape$ever, ask away...
punkRockgrrl: we will always have you, Gi :)
Luggage7a: I've seen Gigi at the con. She does have an amazing
energy. don't understand where she gets it
PumpJet: Thud means when you are around the sandbox the guys pass out
and hit the ground with a THUD
fade: what about that farscape movie - is it really going to happen?
fweakin: yes....her cheekyness
fweakin: ...her blonde hair
Flyboy: lol
fweakin: scarey
tropica: Well gotta go love and fairy kisses and all the best
Lacey: thud is the reaction you, mis.gigi cause, the general effect
you charisma and beauty cause when your very name is mentiond. It is
actualy kinda funny to see everyone thud all at once
Debaser: Will BlackJack make it to the states/
fweakin: faeriest of kisses
fweakin: :)
jrloflin: Any chance of appearing in a Doctor Who audio the next time
you go to the UK?
johnw: what is your natural hair colour?
fweakin: hopefully
Todge: What sort of film is Blackjack?
PumpJet: don't leave!!!
Edgleyfan: Bye Ms. Edgley my parents are taking me off the comp in
five minutes. Farie kisses
pixdude: THUD
Maritas: I loved the Farscape magazine article
fweakin: it's a telemovie so it will probably need a bit of a push
Flyboy: THUD
Elessar: my b-day is b 4 yours
farscapismguy: Hello Gigi, did you coach Claudia on how to be Chiana?
Lacey: hehehehe Thud!
geist: SO for all the folks who frequent the sandbox... especially
John & Dave... how often do you check in & do you post? If not...
will you try to do so now that you have time off?
trustywinona: ms Edgley...y are u so awsome?
fweakin: she wrote a beauty full article....
TheOrange: I have this sudden urge to watch Legend...
fweakin: the one from london?
PumpJet: THUD
Maritas: yes she did
Evrafter: THE SANDBOX LOVES FWEAKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SaintIdesHeaven: You should come live with your fans. We'll keep you
happy and well fed
Todge: Damn, will it ever reach the UK?
LoneFerret: there's always the internet... for that telemovie for
those who can't see on the tele..
Chant99: bye Trop
daktaklakLejes gets on the phone with the bull dozer rental company
Sermon: When is the shooting for Blackjack going to start?
Roc-A-Roo: Gi, get the studio to let you sell the DVD's on your website :D
Debaser: Legend, the biggest you'll ever see Tim Curry.
Flyboy: *Thud* is the sound we make as we hit the ground
Maritas: loved the pictures as well - said you didn't want the glamour one
fweakin: those piccis were done after seeing london for the first
time properly all in three hours...
trustywinona: evrafter....everyone loves fweakin
punkRockgrrl: I'm sorry to take up scroll, but if anyone knows the
dates/place for Gig's Boston con appearance could you please IM/PM me?
Mariust: Gigi, do you have an american agent? Anthony says he doesnt.
fweakin: i did'nt realise there was gonna be a shoot aswell
fweakin: you guys rock by the way
ChifiEagle: John she remembers London you dog
Debaser: Thanks.
Evrafter: THANKX
Stuart: ta
geist: Thanks
Jenni: We try. =)
johnw: ta muchly
DeltaBlaster: :)
Todge: So do you
fweakin: where's jas?
Maritas: I thought you looked quite cool
Roc-A-Roo: Gi, any chance of seeing the 'model' shots from that shoot.
Bloodomen13: *****THUD*****
Lacey: so do you, you are a cool chick
NipokNek: Thanks
Sermon: You too Gigi
Jule27: thanks, we luv ya
Amezri: Gigi - you are a rock star! ^_^
Flyboy: Gigi are you surprised to find so many fans here just waitin
to talk to you?
PumpJet: hey - My NEW career!! ANgent hahaha
punkRockgrrl: we love you
ChiGray: i have Got to catch that for sure
sporto: no, u rock
Evrafter: jason??????????
Jason: Over here
TRtheJ: Too much goin' on. Outta control. I admire very much, Gigi.
Some day I'd love to chat. Not here, though. Bye.
pixdude: and you as well!
DelinCrichton: fweakin: How's Ben holding up? Is he heading back to the states?
jrloflin: due to your influence, Gigi, we mustn't take any credit
fweakin: ahh
daktaklakLejes: I'm Jason too!
daktaklakLejes: :-)
ShadeDemon: Ha Gigi come to Utah and marry us all
fweakin: sorry..warned you aout the blonde
daktaklakLejes: Not that Jason though
hero: hehe
dasMonkey: Gigi, make sure you keep some time open in your schedule
for filming Season 5 of 'Farscape' :)
fweakin: ohhh
Evrafter: I'M FROM UTAH
Evrafter: TOO
PumpJet: hey I'm a blonde
fweakin: season five??
Dolphintmr: yeah I know all about the blond ;)
trustywinona: speaking of blond...what color is your hair now?
Lacey: lol nothing wrong with being blonde
ShadeDemon: I'm not but I'll move
daktaklakLejes: I have feet
johnw: dont rub it in evrafter
LoneFerret: who do i give an irc server to control this LOL
eupho: Much Luv to Chi n Gi:)
fweakin: almost in dredis
UTDRD: Gigi WHEN we rescue FarScape, will you return???
daktaklakLejes: you guys have feet too?
daktaklakLejes: that would be cool
punkRockgrrl: we WILL make it happen, somehow
fweakin: i si rebelling a bit
DelinCrichton: sigh
DelinCrichton: Please stop hitting on Gigi
Mariust: Yep. Season 5... we will be getting it for you.
fweakin: it was very wierd the night before we found out
fweakin: that it was all over
DeltaBlaster: there will be a season 5 :)
sporto: y weird?
dasMonkey: Gigi ... yeah, Season 5 ... give us some time ... only
been a few days :) :)
Jenni: why come weird?
Jule27: we are still fighting!
fweakin: I was speaking to my friend and I was soooo excited about
having a break for a little while
Todge: A bit of a bombshell
agentdawn: i gigi which state are you actually from in australia?
tobias make a stupid teenage pass on Gigi, just to spite DelinCrichton
johnw: Would a fan whip round help pay for 5
Cristina: GIGI HAVE YOU BEEN EVER TO SPAIN??????????????
geist: So, I have to ask on behalf of my sandbox brother & sisters...
do you plan on stopping by & posting now that you have free time?
Jenni: dont give up yet! we havent
Dolphintmr: awww
fweakin: and out of no where I burst into tears
Flyboy: we will never give up
Lacey: aww
RaceyT: Hi everyone Hi gigi
Flyboy: awww
punkRockgrrl: awwww, Gig
fweakin: my friend couldn't figure it out....
Jule27: oh my god, (((HUG)))
Stuart: As long as it's just a LITTLE while
LadyKait: aww
Ce: When were you told about SciFi not picking up seaons 5?
hero: :(
trustywinona: crying for gi...
dasMonkey: Sci-Fi doesn't understand what they're up again ... we're
doing everything we can to keep you working
fweakin: they asked what was wrong
punkRockgrrl: you knew, you knew
sporto: ::hug::
dasMonkey: against
TheOrange: Well, if we have our way this break will only be a little
longer than originall expected. ;)
Luggage7a: There .will. be a Season 5
daktaklakLejes: I head BEN said some amazing words at the final farewwell
Maritas: awww HUGS Gigy
RaceyT: we all burst into tears when we heard too
PumpJet: Hey Gigi- they started a fund to save Farscape
fweakin: and I said I'm so scared about loosing my family
Merlyn: I have to walk my dogs then leave for a bit...but thanks for
chatting with us, Gigi. Love you, love Chiana, love the show. And
whatever happens, it's been real...good luck with whatever coimes
your way
Sermon: sorry bout that
Stuart: it ain't over yet
RisqMan: It's that chiana thing- fortelling the future!
Dolphintmr: awwwwwwww
Roc-A-Roo: Gi, What can *WE* do to help bring Farscape back?
punkRockgrrl sends many many hugs to Gigi
Elessar: (hug)
fweakin: you become such a huge part of one and others life
DeltaBlaster: Dont count season 5 out yet gigi!
ChifiEagle: we have only begun to fight for Gigi chi and Farscape
talyn3: slow down
SunSpecOps: ((((gigi))))) don't give up.. we're making them talk..
we'll get the show back. Millions of voices are screaming now..
we'll make it work. :)
johnw: that fat lady aint singing
agentdawn: it aint over till rygel sings
Mariust: Gigi, as God is my witness, we will not stop until Chiana
gets her second chance!
fweakin: and I was so dren scared of leaving everyone
LoneFerret: You don't need to work with them to still be friends right?
hero: gigi will rise to the top again ;)
johnw: oh yotz
pixdude: You'll always have fans
Flyboy: awww
fweakin: my friend said...your so silly you'll see them all in a few months....
SueDonym: Oh Gigi...we will get you a season 5. What did you want to
do with it, by the by? Hopes for the character. Etc.
Jenni: We'll do all we can to keep you guys together - PROMISE
johnw: the sandbox loves you
tobias: /whois fooligan
fweakin: the next day I found out that it ws all over
tobias: whops
PumpJet: Gi- You have a couple of million fans here!!
SaintIdesHeaven: Things seem optimistic on the websites- SciFi has to
see how much this will cost them
fweakin: it was very wierd
Jule27: (((Gigi))))
Dolphintmr: :*(
PumpJet: We won't let you down!!
Sermon: Gigi,when was your last scene?
Stuart: Will you go back to theatre?
trustywinona: ms edgley need not worry, we Superstylin' farscape fans
will get the show back
fweakin: never been to spain
Silverhammer: It's not over 'til it's over.
DelinCrichton: mathew - thanks for all your hard work =)
talyn3: slow
Mariust: Hope, Gigi... without it, we're nothing.
sporto: mebbe it was chi's precognition kickin' in?
Truemyth: well get you your family back!
Mariust: to paraphrase
AnniCat: How long was that before the announement, Gi?
daktaklakLejes: Riggs too!
SueDonym: I'm sorry Gigi. It was a lousey deal.
nykki: You're not real optimistic, Gigi... have faith in your fans.
gambit412: We will not stop fighting for you guy's
TheChief: We wil keep on fighting until we get atleast a 5th season
PipaShell: my last name is moya (no kidding)
fweakin: last scene was actually a scene in ep 17 so it was wierd
noit finishing ...doing my last scene in ep 22
tobias: annicat, i belive its barbarella thats going to make it
Luggage7a: How about Holland Gigi? :-
PumpJet: Gi- how bout more Beastmasters and Lost worlds?
agentdawn: which state in australia were you born gigi?
gambit412: We love all of you
OzW: slowww downn please
ShadeDemon: Why you want to go to Alabam?
Debaser: I've gotta' head out. It has been a great four years
watching you each weekend. I wish only the best for you, including
further episodes of Farscape. Not only are your cast mates family. we
also invite you into our homes each week. I can't thank all of you
guys enough. If there is ever anything we can do...
Nastastu: How is Anthony?
BlackThorn: Just wanted to say this one thing and not spam the you are a goddes. Thank you so much for your
incredible performances...and we are no t about to give up on this.
Take care and good luck in everything you do!
fweakin: i have faith in faith where ever it may come from
DeltaBlaster: Gigi.. Whats your favorite ep of the rest of season 4?
fweakin: and I love you guys
Bloodomen13: Gigi, I promised in the Sandbox that we'd win this
fight... and We will
johnw: My daughters due in 2 wks, Laura Chiana.'
fweakin: to the ends of the earth
Elessar: Gigi!
talyn3: short type and slow
DocE: 1 million scapers x $37 u.s. = Season 5
fweakin: ...universe
Flyboy: we love you too
trustywinona: we know how anth is...HOW IS MS. BLACK???
Stuart: luv ya too
Evrafter: we'll go there with u
LadyKait: we love you toooo
RisqMan: We do you 2 GI!
Jule27: Gigi, we luv you and will keep fighting!
Mariust: We can and we will bring back Farscape.
ChifiEagle: are you still into Reiki
Tiers: we will win gigi
pixdude: I'm out. Peace and love to Gigi and the gray goddess!!!
Jenni: yeah, no one's heard anything from Claudia
SueDonym: and territories unimaginable...
fweakin: faeriest of flutters lush one
Elessar: i love u pip
fweakin: :)
agentdawn: you are the best Gigi, you will pull through this
Luggage7a: Gigi Tell Claudia we want to hear from her!
Amezri: Yes, I meant to ask. Are you still practicing?
ShadeDemon: Few hundred scapers times $10 a month and Gigi can eat free
Flyboy: We will not give up until they have seen the errors of their ways
DocE: kool..
Amezri: I am only a second level Reiki practitioner at the moment.
Roc-A-Roo: Gi, What can *WE* do to help bring Farscape back?
PipaShell: yes, we miss Claudia, please tell her
Debaser: I'll throw in $10 bucks.
Debaser: Good night.
Bloodomen13: Gads!!! Wife just got home and she wants to TALK?!?!?!?!
Evrafter: farscape ain't over...till WE say it's
Dolphintmr: ill do 10
fweakin: manifest
Jason: I'll buy ya a drink in Burbank ;-)
sporto: would you condier actin' in th U.S. or only Aus. and U.K.
luxandude: As the great poet Jonathan Blutarsky once said...Was it
over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? HELL NO!!! Nothing is over
until WE decide it is!!!
Merlax: Season 5 or no, we WILL follow you, Claudia, Ben, Anthony,
and the rest of the Farscape family wherever you all go!
fweakin: speak to scifi...kemper
DeltaBlaster: ill give 20 to the gigi needs food fund :)
RisqMan: I make a mean cheesecake!
fweakin: the heads
trustywinona: HOW IS MS. BLACK HANDLING ALL THIS?? we have not heard
from her yet
Mariust: SciFi has already begun to talk to Mr. Kemper again... keep
your fingers crossed and we'll keep sending out letters
def333: hey gigi. you a hockey fan at all? if you want to hit a
game while in new york,
johnw: 50 quid waitng
fweakin: mmmm cheesecake
fweakin: yum
Sermon: Is David Kemper trying to alter something in the last episode
or is he going to leave it like it is (with the cliffhanger ending)?
JFParallax: lag iwhoa i forgot i was here
Maritas: oh we are
Evrafter: it aint' over till we say it's over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RisqMan: Lasagne too!
Nastastu: your so mean
fweakin: I use to play hockeat school
Lacey: Mmmm cheesecake, my fave
Todge: what flavour?
friday: Gi We love you....Have fun on the CON curcuit.. And will work
on getting season 5 back, K?
fweakin: love it
hero: gigi do u eva get ppl callin u pip off satge?
punkRockgrrl: inhockey RULES
PumpJet: Cherry cheesecake!! ummmmy
Flyboy: mmm cold pizza
def333: really?
johnw: plane or fruit ccake
tobias: Sermon, there were no time to change anything
fweakin:'s my nickname
fweakin: that and trouble
ChifiEagle: who are all these people
def333: IM dkarda if you want tix to a game in NY
fweakin: hello trouble
geist: Hey Gigi what do you charge for a personal appearance... it'd
give you something to do & make money while haning out in new fun
places... eh?
Stuart: and Bruce
fweakin: most of my friends say
fweakin: teeeheee
SaintIdesHeaven: Are you optimistic about a season 5?
fweakin: or pixi
.tosses cheesecake at gigi.
Lacey: lool
LadyKait: heehee
ChifiEagle: pixi
sporto: luv pixi
Jule27: pixi, I love that!
Dolphintmr: I'll bake you a homemade German Chocolate Cake :)
Jenni: hee hee, my dad's been calling me Pip forever. i tried to get
my friends to, but they all insist on Champ
Evrafter: pip
tobias: saint, good question
jinshonfett: they say at the farscape chat that it will be 15 minutes
until they annouce the news
RisqMan: I mix Cherry Jello with my cheesecake, it is really good!
fweakin: surrenders to being submerged in cheesecake mania
fweakin: yummmmm
SueDonym: Trouble Cheesecake?! Actually, I get pixi myself. ;)
johnw: are you a beer drinker?
Lacey: lool
Flyboy: Hulloah Pip
Luggage7a: it won't be big news
DocE: or a pannus
fweakin: nup
agentdawn: Gigi who do we contact to invite you to a convention?
tobias: fweaking, are you optimistic about a season 5 of farscape????
jinshonfett: i have no ides what the news is going to be about
jrloflin: I'd rather stay and talk to Gigi
fweakin: can't dreink beer
jrloflin: :)
Stuart: Now you're making me hungry.... it's 2am here
orders a pizza for Gigi.. What U want on it :D
NipokNek: Cheesecake and Cheese steaks. My favorite foods to say and eat :)
fweakin: tastes too much like ...piss
johnnyb: here's hoping, stay strong
Merlax: Pixi's work magic!
Wiley: LOL
fweakin: and not the yummi sort
Jenni: ugh hate bear
Amezri: What level are you in REIKI?
PumpJet: no beeer?
Jenni: er beer
johnw: soft only?
Jenni: lol
fweakin: vodka
TheChief: lol
Jule27: hahaLOL
fweakin: vodka
ShadeDemon: LOL
DeltaBlaster: someone who agrees with me :)
trustywinona: what do u drink??
LoneFerret: Mrs. Edgley, you have yourself a good one. Just in case
you actually see this ;) bye
Luggage7a: it will just be an announcement. but do listen in
punkRockgrrl: Gigi, what is your wrist size? I'd like to make you a
chakra bracelet
Evrafter: lol
Wiley: LOL
Flyboy: vodka but no beer
agentdawn: ohh the hard stuff
daktaklakLejes: wow
Lacey: Ooo vodka, I love a good vodka
DelinCrichton: Gigi - How's Ben holding up?
johnw: same as the missis then.
jinshonfett: what about frelup juice
PumpJet: schmirreenof?
gwebber: Gigi I hear that you guys can't just go to 'any'
conventions, some kind of exclusive thing with creation
entertainment...any truth?
sporto: oh, yes, vodka...
RisqMan: Grain alcohol and Grape juice
ShadeDemon: It is good after you get the taste though, like coffee
Nastastu: How about Gin
hero: :-)
trustywinona: vodka and cranberry juice is the best!!!!!!!!!!!
daktaklakLejes: laser pee
Dolphintmr: cheese cake is good, but german chocolate cake is better :)
DelinCrichton: Gigi - Hows Ben Holding up?
fweakin: yum
geist: There's yummi piss? who makes yummi piss?!?!
ChifiEagle: hate vodka love gigi
fweakin: how do you measure
Flyboy: lol
ChiGray: the almos dreds look cool_
PumpJet: Capr Codders rule!!
fweakin: I don't have a tape measure
sporto: stoli raspberry and toinc=heaven
PumpJet: Cape
Lacey: lol
Sermon: Allright - I have got to go - it's 2.50 in the morning and I
have to get up at 6 to go to work. All my love and all the best to
you Gigi! Love you! You rrrrock!!!! Bye!
.pours Pip an amaretto cola.
punkRockgrrl: around the smallest part of your wrist
mathew: piss = bear
Lacey: bear?
punkRockgrrl: awwww... I'll do it on memory wire then :)
fweakin: love and faeriest of wishes
Jenni: lol
Flyboy: lol
Wiley: LOL
Lacey: Grr?
fweakin: thank s for coming to play
DeltaBlaster: wow bears are piss? :)
mathew: piss=beer
johnw: not german beer, that good
Merlax: Vodka gimlet & key lime cheesecake!
Bloodomen13: Man, Im lost................. :-(
Evrafter: thank u!!!
Sermon: my pleasure, gigi :-)
Todge: Thankyou Gigi
PumpJet: stay for a while!!
Evrafter: go to teh sandbox
Lacey: there ya go Mathew beer!
fweakin: love you guys
trustywinona: i love u ms edgley
ChifiEagle: dreams are not guaranteed commander
Elessar: love u
punkRockgrrl: which chakra would you like?
cracian: hi gigi.....
johnw: take care, see you march
fweakin: I have to head off and look for a job
pipsslave: love you, gigi
TheChief: thank y Gigi
Todge: you too
fweakin: grrrr
luxandude: Gigi - didn't you guys go to Mexico to party when you were
in Burbank last year?
agentdawn: Gigi who does one contact to invite you to a convention?
fweakin: :(
Dolphintmr: thank you, we love you so much
Lacey: sorry I'll behave!
SueDonym: I need to leave now. But I wanted to say that your
portrayal of Chi really affected me, deeply. She resonates. With
love and pixi blessings on your head. :-D
Silverhammer: Keep hope alive.
mizkit: good luck, gigi.
trustywinona: farscape will be back
Bloodomen13: ?????????????
sporto: good luck
Roc-A-Roo: If Gigi can't do conventions, how come she was @ Startfury
Defiant in April, and BOBW in August.
tobiasdk: damn
Bloodomen13: Gigi leaving?
DelinCrichton: Gigi : Can you spare some news on Ben? How's JC holding up?
ChifiEagle: tell us when you get them
Evrafter: cnn
johnw: want a reference?
Evrafter: cnn
eupho: Gigi, if u evr come to Boston, ill b waitin with a philly
titan of kine budz:)
TRtheJ: Thanks, Gigi.
kusari: good luck and best wishes
Trumpet: Good luck Gigi
ChifiEagle: use your diary
Todge: You can come and work for me
talyn3: this is nutty
Flyboy: bad Laceyyou got Gigi grrring now!
punkRockgrrl: best of luck and lots of love, Gig
trustywinona: C U in ny in NOVEMBER
SaintIdesHeaven: love you
jrloflin: Best of luck Gigi
Jenni: dont take anything too big, we're working hard here for you!
PumpJet: I'll do more Chi-shirts for you
Nebari: Gi .. will you visit us in the sandbox soon????
gambit412: thanks Gigi we love you
Maritas: it was wonderful talking with you
fweakin: contact matt or jas on the siote
DeltaBlaster: Good luck Gigi... as from another scifi show, 'Faith Manages'
Wiley: LOL
LadyKait: good luck gigi :)
Bloodomen13: Doh!!!
ScratchnSniff: Best wishes to cast and crew !
Amezri: See you in November, Gi!
Javora: Thank your Gigi!
Evrafter: luv 2 u from me
ShadeDemon: LOL we'll get you some $$$
Bloodomen13: I didn't get to ask anything!
Jule27: we love you!
JFParallax: adios gigi!
Grackene: Good Luck GIGI
SunSpecOps: don't look too hard Gigi... we need Chi back next
season.. but best of luck always. :)
RaceyT: I hey gigi any chance of seeing you at TASCAPE in Jan
ChifiEagle: fairy kisses
geist: Well, it was fun... be sure to check in on your forum Gigi!
Terracide: Love you
Dolphintmr: Good luck in all you do!!!!!
Geek: im so lost, is gigi in here, and which name is hers?
tobiasdk loves gigi
geist: We love you!
Silviacat: WE LOVE YOU GIGI!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!
fweakin: or contact my agent barbara leane and associates
Sezza: bye Gi! Thanks for stopping by! We love you!
PumpJet: Thanks Gigi - WE LUV YA!!
Merlax: Be sure to add to your resume that you have a LEGION of loyal
fans!!!! :)
riggs: lol
DocE: L8TR PiPp
Geek: nevermind figured it out :)
Grackene: Don't forget about us
pipsslave: i'll see y ou in my dreams
Jule27: good luck pixie!
tobiasdk: marlax, lol
agentdawn: k thanks Gigi
punkRockgrrl: thank you, Gigi
dasMonkey: Gigi - WE'RE ON CNN HEADLINE NEWS Right Now ... Save Farscape
Mariust: Gigi, I love you. See you in Burbank
Flyboy: Gigi if you ever need an army
trustywinona: by pixi pip
Bloodomen13: OK... Well... Gigi, I love you!!!!!
Jason: WE'RE ON CNN!!!!!!!!!!!!
luxandude: You ROCK Gigi - !!!!!
Jenni: much luck blessed be!
OzW: stay strong, you'll get your season 5!
Amezri: thanks Gigi
Jason: WOOT!
fweakin: thank you to the twinkling stars in the universe guys
Lacey: CNN?
Maritas: thanks : )
fweakin: you rock
talyn3: bye gi
Khari: Take care Gigi
Stuart: Off to bed... Take care and ta for chatting. Faeriest xx
Flyboy: love you Gigi
agentdawn: arrrgh hell so hard to keep track of everything being said
cracian: love you.....LOVE YOU....MISS YOU
DocE: Season 5!!
Bloodomen13: And I'm looking forward to seeing you in Burbank!
cusp: Thanks for talking to us, Gigi, you're the best
fweakin: I am going to be out of touch for two weeks
De: thankyou Gigi see you at TaScape...
Dolphintmr: no YOU ROCK
johnw: yuor welcome
Terracide: bye
DeltaBlaster: OMG we are on headline news!
ChiMonkey: Looking forward to all you do, Farscape and beyond Gigi!
Lacey: aww
punkRockgrrl: we'll miss you
Jule27: take care!
tobiasdk: what, 2 weeks with no gigi
fweakin: I'm going to play on a deserted island with my sister
Nastastu: Enjoy your time away
PumpJet: U Rock!!!
jinshonfett: hey does anybody know who barbarella is they said at the
chat after her or his meating theres going to be an anouncement in
the farscape chat
ChifiEagle: see you in season 5
LadyKait: byee Gi.....luff n fairy dust :)
Lacey: we will al miss you
Flyboy: we will mis you
Jule27: dont loose hope
Todge: Chi will be back. Don't you worry. Thanks for everything Gi
fweakin: to manifest beauty full things
tobiasdk: damn, ill have to resort to dvd eps then :)
SaintIdesHeaven: good luck always
trustywinona: promis me u will be in NY con
punkRockgrrl: * love love love*
Trumpet: Cool! We rock :)
GhostNULL: See you in Season 5 Gigi! We WILL make it happen!
Evrafter: Keep PLAYING!!!!!
Maritas: coolness have a blast
Roc-A-Roo: Gi, can't wait till the NY Con, will probably see U then.
jrloflin: Love ya Gigi, take care
Jule27: you are so talented, so sweet, and so kind!
TexSable: don't be too far out of they can tell you when
the show starts filming season 5!
Bloodomen13: Gigi, Can I come????
RisqMan: Deserted Isle, sounds good!
geist: But you will check in on your forum once in a while?... even
if you're anonymouse.
DelinCrichton: Gigi:gi: Take care of Ben for us - Okay?
Elessar: (hugs Gigi)
pipsslave: enjoy.
Bloodomen13: :-)
geist: Or anonycat or whatever?
TheChief: you Sooooooooooooooooooo Rock GIG
DeltaBlaster: Later Gigi.. thanks for taking the time to come chat!
Evrafter: farscape WILL continue
Merlax: Have a wonderul holiday, Gigi!
Dolphintmr: (((((Hugs))))) of good luck
Cattivo: hey, HLN did just mention it...
ChifiEagle: good night John
SaintIdesHeaven: give the whole cast and crew our love
Lacey: ahhh, manifesting beautifull things, freedom beuty truth and
love very important
Mystiqq: Thanks !!
geist: Good luck in the job hunt BTW!
ChifiEagle: or is it good morning
PipaShell: and please tell Claudia that we miss her, please, please
johnw: night don boy
Sends mucho love!
fweakin: luff and the most sloppiest cheescake and faerie kisses in
da whole wide world
fweakin: :)
Terracide: the best sci fi chick ever
Lacey: lol
Wiley: LOL
Dolphintmr: awww
jinshonfett: lol
daktaklakLejes: :)
geist: Later!
Flyboy: lol
ChifiEagle: and back to you GIGI
DocE: :)
Mystiqq: heh
Amezri: Bye Gi!
LadyKait: heehee
Luggage7a: Save Farscape was just on CNN
RaceyT: take care gigi
hero: :P
Maritas: : )
PumpJet: Oh that was a wet one!! Thanks!!!
Bloodomen13: **blows a kiss to Gigi**
johnw: and lotz of vodka!
RisqMan: If you come to Maryland, I'll bring you a cheesecake!
fweakin: thank s for coming to play...lets do this again in a couple
of weeks when I come back from my runnaway and breathe trip
pipsslave: when you return - we'll have everything back to normal.
fweakin: love you
hero: byebyes gigi
agentdawn: gigi are contact details on your website? I can't seem to
scroll up to get agent name and everything, unless everyone could
stop talking for a few microts but i think thats a big ask
trustywinona: Ms should wait to get another job until
after season 5 at least
cracian: we had joy ,we had,d fun,we had seasons in the sun...ner ner
ner,ner ner er..BYE
Flyboy: YEAH!!!!!!!!!
Jule27: yes, (((gigi)))
daktaklakLejes: ok
punkRockgrrl: have a wonderful time, Gigi
Todge: Be there
fade: Farscape iS THE BEST SCI-FI ON tv right now
daktaklakLejes: love you too Gi
PumpJet: O yes!!!
punkRockgrrl: love you!
johnw: right on

------------------------------fweakin has quit

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