Chiana Strikes a Pose

Gigi Edgley spends some quality Comic Con
moments with IGN Sci-Fi

It may be her first convention, but Gigi Edgley is looking appropriately sci-fi – the spritely young lass better known as Farscape's Chiana is decked out in short black skirt, sparkly black tank top, space-age lookin' rock star boots, and body glitter.

"Sparkle, sparkle," she giggles, striking a pose for our IGN TV camera. Though she had initially planned on dressing a bit more conservatively, once Gigi spied the array of outrageous costumes gracing Comic Con, well…she broke out the boots. "I came in yesterday thinking it was a pretty casual event," she says. "And then I saw some of the costumes and stuff, and I thought, ‘OK, we can go with the leathers, we can go a bit sci-fi, a bit glitter, a bit punk rock.'"

And being that it is her first con, Gigi is brimming over with excitement. "Yesterday, we opened the blinds of our hotel, and there's this huge…convention center!" she laughs. "And we didn't know what it was, and we're going ‘Aw, yeah, that must be the train station!' And my boyfriend's going, ‘No, no, it's a shopping mall! Let's go check it out!' And then we realized it was Comic Con!"

The fans' enthusiasm matches Gigi's – a few hours earlier, the line to get her signature seemed ready to overtake the rather massive Sci-Fi Channel booth. She re-enacts her giddiness at signing Chiana pictures: "Fans [are] coming up and getting you to sign stuff. It's like, ‘Oh, wow this is great! Yeah! Sure! Can I have one?' It's been fantastic so far!"

But say…where are the Farscape figures? Where's my Chiana doll? "Tell me, tell me!" Gigi whoops, "I've seen some, like, prototypes for it, and they all look great." She starts doing her own little robot dance, moving as if she's a fully-articulated, life-sized action figure. "This is what we do around the set," she says. "We try and see what we can fit in our hands, and try and see what action figures can pick up other action figures." But in about a week or two, she notes, she'll actually get to see them. "[They asked me], ‘Are you gonna buy some?' Buy some?! Don't I get a big crate?! Otherwise I might be lining up with the fans!" (Later, on the Farscape panel, Rockne O' Bannon reveals the first wave of figures will be out in the next couple of months.)

Well, OK then. It's time for Gigi to go to her panel, but first she gifts the camera with a dazzling smile and gives us a parting shot: "Hello, I'm Gigi Edgley, I play Chiana on Farscape. Come and play!"

Be sure to check back next week for more of our Comic Con chat with Gigi, and IGN TV clips of the interview!

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