Audio Performances


Gigi Edgley & Kyle Stevens

Gigi & Kyle have produced an original EP on CD of self-penned and self-performed songs entitled ...So It Seems.

Gigi Edgley & Nate Williams (n8)

Gigi Edgley and musician n8 have produced an original CD Single of Gigi's original composition, Poison. Gigi sings whilst n8 provides a sympatico pop groove.

For purchasing these recordings, one may try Peachtree Services online store, from Gigi at personal appearances or her MySpace page or as audio files at iTunes.


Titanic Dreams

Gigi Edgley read the costarring part in the audio drama Titanic Dreams, opposite Clancy Brown, for Seeing Ear Theatre summer of 2000. An intimate part, and Gigi reads it in an intimate way; a sensitive and rich reading of a part of substantial depth.

The drama is 42 minutes in length and is available in mp3 format and in transcription by Zeal.

While the original host - The Scifi Channel, now "Syfy," has abandoned the material, it is now available to download from the Archive of Seeing Ear Theater at - you should find it on the list.

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More information:

Synopsis ("spoilers" alert!) - In the still night air on April 14, 1912, an iceberg pierces the hull of the Titanic. A young American woman and an aging English bachelor connect briefly on the deck of the doomed vessel. She is unwillingly placed in a lifeboat, and he returns to the smoking lounge to await the inevitable. Decades later, they connect again; he has dissolved into the water that claimed his life, while she has passed through time onboard the lifeboat. Gigi Edgley and Clancy Brown star as the ill-fated couple who embrace life from the depths of death.

Based on Robert Olen Butler's short stories Titanic Victim Speaks Through Waterbed and Titanic Survivors Found in Bermuda Triangle.

Produced and Directed by Laurissa M. James

Cast -
Gigi Edgley as The Woman
Clancy Brown as The Man
Debi Mae West as Roberta
Tuck Milligan as The Husband
Jane Gennaro as The Wife

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